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Boffin Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

BOFFIN has huge capacity to manufacture 25,00,000 tablets, 1.00,000 capsules per day & 20,000 Creams and Ointments of any size ,keeping up with the good manufacturing practices, BOFFIN has in-house testing laboratories along with R & D center supported by highly qualified, technical and skilled personnel. Besides, BOFFIN has sufficient infrastructure to develop & obtain D.C.G.I approval for new Fixed Dose Combinations (F.D.Cs). The company is looking for contract manufacturing , on third party /loan license & P to P basis. At present BOFFIN started it’s way by manufacturing more than 100 formulations. BOFFIN manufacturing range includes; Antihypertensive, Antibiotics, Analgesics, Anti-Ulcerants, Antidiarrhoeals, Antifungal, Antimalarial, Antiallergics, Antidiabeties, Cough & Cold Preparations, Vitamins, and Dermatalogy range etc