BOFFIN has huge capacity to manufacture 25,00,000 tablets, 1.00,000 capsules per day & 20,000 Creams and Ointments of any size ,keeping up with the good manufacturing practices, BOFFIN has in-house testing laboratories along with R & D center supported by highly qualified, technical and skilled personnel. Besides, BOFFIN has sufficient infrastructure to develop & obtain D.C.G.I approval for new Fixed Dose Combinations (F.D.Cs). The company is looking for contract manufacturing , on third party /loan license & P to P basis. At present BOFFIN started it’s way by manufacturing more than 100 formulations. BOFFIN manufacturing range includes; Antihypertensive, Antibiotics, Analgesics, Anti-Ulcerants, Antidiarrhoeals, Antifungal, Antimalarial, Antiallergics, Antidiabeties, Cough & Cold Preparations, Vitamins, and Dermatalogy range etc

Pharma PCD/Franchise

We has been marching ahead to be a leading and first-string service provider in India with considerable interests and expertise in Pharma Pcd offered in line with WHO model.Multi-level marketing and effective way. Contact Us to grow to new heights..

Product Range

We offer an extensive range of Pharmaceutical Products like Pharmaceuticals Tablets, Pharmaceuticals Capsules, Pharmaceuticals Syrups, Pharmaceuticals Paediatrics, Pharmaceuticals Dry Syrups, Pharmaceuticals Injections, Pharmaceuticals Protein Powder, Pharmaceuticals Sachets, Pharmaceuticals Herbal Range. Our products assure utmost quality and give effective results.